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"The combination of Viktorija's stunning vocals with the amazing talent of Go Trio was unbeatable. The response from our audience was unanimously positive and the reviews were glowing."
- Donna Fritchey, Miller Symphony Hall

"Thanks for coming and singing so beautifully. I'm sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole show, but I loved your singing. Hopefully, we’ll be in touch soon."
- Roger Spence, Producer of Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

"It was an evening of ease, and style, as Viktorija and Go Trio turned out one classic tune after another with extraordinary skill, range, and beauty. Viktorija is an assured professional with stage presence and class."
- Ethel Drayton-Craig, Miller Symphony Hall

"I'd like to play with her."
- David Liebman, musician

"Wow! Sings her ass off and quite fine too."
- Randy Brecker, musician

"A great, compact Band you’ve got together. Good and professional Musicians. Had a good time with you people."
- Beat Kennel, Bazillus Music, Zurich

"For Gecyte, singing is nothing less, and nothing more, than musical conversation. 'I like preparing to be comfortable, so I can respond to everybody and anything,' she says. 'I find singing very emotional and sensual. It's almost like flirting, especially when it's swinging.' Gough, who teaches jazz piano at Lafayette, says, 'There's also enormous fun and sweetness and vulnerability for those who know her well. It's always there in the music. Sometimes it makes us cry.'"
- Geoff Gehman, Lafayette College

"Viktorija Gecyte is a Lithuanian-born, Paris-based vocalist who's steeped in the Jazz tradition. Earnestly delivering standards with a sweet, unaffected voice and an engaging smile."
- Cadence Magazine

"Viktorija Gecyte is filling the room with a dusky, easy voice that seems to come from nowhere and go everywhere. Long before the beer-sign clocks strike midnight, she turns a saloon into a salon."
- Geoff Gehman, ICON Magazine

"Gene Perla may not be one of the best-known bassists in jazz, but his pedigree is undeniable. He spent the early 1970s accompanying Elvin Jones, just a few short years after the legendary drummer left the employ of John Coltrane, and his impressive résumé also includes Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Sonny Rollins. The Go Trio offers Perla the chance to delve into the jazz songbook with a younger generation, namely pianist Sean Gough and drummer Doug Hirlinger. For this stop they’ll also be accompanied by vocalist Viktorija Gecyte, whose smoky hues are ideal for seductive renderings of “My Foolish Heart” or “I’ll Remember April” but come fully alive when she tackles folk songs from her native Lithuania."
- Shaun Brady, Philadelphia CityPaper

"Vocalist Viktorija Gecyte began singing in her native Lithuania at 5, and began jazz at 11. She says the selections she performs from 'The Great American Songbook' are well known in her native country. Spontaneous, intimate, sensual and fun are descriptions that could be applied to Gecyte's singing, which displays a confidence that belies her age."
- Dave Howell, The Morning Call

"Lookin' and sounding great! She's got pipes, pitch and phrasing for days..."
- Cynthia Daniels, recording engineer/producer

"I like Viktorija... her voice, her sense of the music, her presence..."
- Richard Master, producer

"WOW! Viktorija definitely has that special “something” - GREAT voice and presence."
- Mitchell Feldman, Mitchell Feldman Associates

"Yeah, the lady sings! Ella like sometimes. Enjoyed it."
- Ken Lauber, record producer

"'Good show does not really begin to cover it – it was awesome! I could listen to you all (and especially Viktorija) all day. A great time was had by all! Thanks so much!"
- Donna Fritchey, Miller Symphony Hall

"It was an honor seeing you perform, it's incredibly fulfilling seeing World Class Jazz in small pockets of the world, made for a truly magical night. Thanks for the magical performance, and the pleasure of taking photos of you whilst seeing you perform."
- Carlos Strange, fan

"This is very cool."
- Don Alias, Jr., radio personality

"Last night Krisi and I listened to "Exactly Like You"... again... and again... and again, for at least an hour! You were on fire that night!"
- Dimitar Marmorov, fan

"Viktorija is lovely... your group is so solid, I felt like I was able to catch a ride on her magically woven lyrics."
- Anne Rich, fan

"Viktorija Gecyte has a voice like a great big champagne-colored Brougham d’Elegance. New tires. Chrome wheels with no rust on the spokes. And what a moment when she’d stamp her gladiator sandal on the downbeat to start a blues."
- Matthew Crain, Easton Is Home

"Wow... so beautiful. Viktorija is a stone cold beauty. Thanks for sending me the track. It assures me that depth and beauty are still here..."
- Sunny Wilkinson, vocalist/educator

"Love it! Very real. She sings it like she means every word of it. That is awesome! She really has a very beautiful voice. Strong and tender at the same time."
- Velvet, fan

"Yes... very nice... lush!"
- Philippe Vieux, musician

"Viktorija is tremendous -- wow!"
- Dawn DeBlaze, fan

"So I got home an hour ago - prematurely tipsy, somewhat depressed... you know the situation. I put your San Francisco CD on, and it did miracles. One of the best things that have happened to me this month. Thanks!"
- Jan Duchoslav, fan